Choose your Membership

Choose your Membership

The IHSPSA is officially opened for Membership Registration. The category membership categories are current accessible to students, graduates, practitioners and retired colleagues. Certified and Professional Membership categories are not available currently and will be launched once further consultation processes and policies discussions have been conducted and finalized with relevant authorities.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Step 1: Visit our website using this link   

Step 2: Choose your Membership Plan

Step 3: Fill in account information and select… I agree to the Membership Policy and Regulations

Step 4: Click Submit and Check out

You will then automatically get an email with the details of your membership, and login again in the system to update your details.

A paid registered member will receive certificate within 14 working days. If not received the member should send an enquiry at

Student–Human Settlement Practitioner (S-HSP):

All students doing housing or human settlements degree or related programmes from undergraduate, post-graduate level (should not be engaged in employment by them time of registration).

Candidate – Human Settlement Practitioner (C-HSP):

Individuals who are starting with the housing and human settlements career after completion of their qualifications. These people will be under training for 2 years before they upgrade their membership based on evidence submitted to the committee responsible. This membership will grant this person with guidance and tools to start their career. Those who have graduated in Housing and Human Settlements will be a candidate without training or attending workshops for Continuing Professional Development to complete the candidacy status. But all candidates for 2 years will be assigned to Mentors, who will provide progress reports starting from February 2024. Those from other professions need to do the CPD activities / workshops, it is mandatory, which be defined by relevant committee and communicated, starting from February 2024.

Associate – Human Settlement Practitioner (A-HSP):

All members that do not belong to student, candidacy and retired category will be eligible to register for this membership, and level up their membership based on CPD points earned through CPD activities like masterclasses, conferences, seminars, workshops etc. These are practitioners who have 3 and more years (e.g 20 years) in the housing and human settlements sector with housing and human settlements qualification, or relevant qualifications within built environment, development studies or social sciences. Even those who work within human settlements having other qualifications not mentioned about, may apply, and submit their CVs and proof of qualification for verifications purposes. One need 300 CPD points to upgrade to Certified membership. Membership upgrade will be based on request by a member with sufficient evidence of points earned for consideration and approval by relevant committee. Then a member will pay the difference and a fee for application review which will be communicated to the member.

Certified – Human Settlement Practitioner: (C-HSP)

An associate member will have worked for this status; this means one should have acquired the required CPD points, this will ensure that one have acquired the competencies required for a human settlement practitioner. Through these CPD activities, one will gain comprehensive matrix of core knowledge areas, complimentary knowledge areas and supporting knowledge areas in human settlements.

All people will attend required CPD programmes and have relevant experience (from 5 years and above) for them to be certified. You need to be certified before becoming a professional.

After attaining this category, one need to also gain 400 CPD points through the above mentioned activities / programmes. They need proven record assessed by relevant committee. (what about experience and RPL).

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) will be taken into consideration by applicants who believe they deserve an update through their application, based on substantial reasons for them to granted an upgrade status as stipulated to the RPL policies of the IHSP-SA.

Professional – Human Settlement Practitioner: (P-HSP)

This membership is a hallmark of your success in housing, it’s a demonstration of your housing expertise, and your commitment to the highest professional and ethical standards. It shows the recognition that you are a fully qualified, competent and committed housing professional. Relevant experience required is 6 years in the sector and more.

Retired – Human Settlement Practitioner (R-HSP)

Individuals who have practiced housing and are no longer employed in the sector.

Institutional membership (Specify the number of employees in your organisation)

Organisations involved in housing or human settlements or a specific unit within organisation, that pays annual fees. Institutional membership fees are as follows:

Institutions category


Application fee (once-off)

a)     Institutions WITH 10 OR LESS staff members

R10 000


b)     Institution WITH 11 TO 50 staff members

R25 000

c)     Institution WITH 50 TO 300 staff members

R50 000

d)     Institution WITH 300 – 600 staff members

R70 000

e)     Institution WITH 600 OR MORE staff members

R90 000

Login into your profile using the welcome email details and go to update profile and put your new details.

After the 31 December 2024. The membership period will be January – December 2024. Since we are opening for membership this year, it will go up to December 2024, and you will be required to renew your membership.

  • Attain 300 CPD points as required by CPD policy (meaning a person will be participating in CPD Activities which include:
  • Each CPD course (Masterclass) carries 150 points.
  • In order to retain membership a member must undertake at least one course in a 24-month period.
  • In order to progress to a Certified Human Settlement Practitioner designation a member must complete at courses in a 24-month period. That means that a practitioner must accumulate at least 300 points in a 24-month period.
  • Members can also accumulate CPD points by attending IHSP-SA conferences in a 24-month period.
  • Conference attendance carries 100 points.
  • Members also accumulate points by attending national workshops which carry 100 points.
  • Members can accumulate points by attending IHSP-SA events or information sessions.
  • These carry a maximum of 50 points.
  • Registration as a mentor carries 50 points
  • Mentoring a new member carries 50 points
  • Presenting at a conference (international, national and provincial) carries 100 points
  • Leading a marketing event for the IHSP-SA carries 50 points
  • Serving on Human Settlement Sectors Boards, Committees or National Structures carries 50 points
  • Serving on Human Settlements Sector Boards, Committees or International Structures carries 150 points.
  • Self-study (20), formal learning programme (100), short learning programmes (100), authorship (100), peer reviews (20), position papers/legislative and policy analyses (100), membership to another professional association (20), personal wellness (20).

Professional Recognition

Be recognized as a housing or human settlement professional in the sector. You will have your membership certificate and number as evidence.

Enhance your knowledge and skills through continuing professional development programmes

IHSP-SA offers CPD programmes for all housing and human settlements practitioners in the country (like Masterclass Programmes, Conferences, Seminars, Workshops) at a discounted rate for members. These programmes are developed, coordinated, endorsed, accredited and reviewed on an ongoing basis by experts in the field of housing and human settlements, to ensure that you receive best training. Furthermore, you will receive certificates and CPD points for each programme offered. These programmes offers cutting-edge information (through Webinars, policy briefs, working papers, research and case studies in human settlements).

Access to Newsletter and Opportunities

Members will receive cutting-edge information on housing and human settlements issues, standards and practices globally. Stay relevant. Access to opportunities that are career related and will assist their professional growth.

Networking Opportunities

Strengthen your network in the field of housing and human settlements by engaging experts in the field and like-minded peers through participating in our programmes and joining our chapters or forums (we have a student’s chapter, young professional’s forum, academics forum, business connect forum and practitioner’s forum). These professionals are from public services, private sector, academia and NGO space in the sector.

Student and graduate development programme

Students and graduates will be offered programmes and information to prepare and equip them further for the corporate world through sharpening their knowledge. The IHSP-SA will share funding and employment opportunities through its communication channels. Students and graduates will be able to interact with their potential employers, and gain more knowledge on real issues facing the sector outside classroom environment. Graduates when entering work space, they will be allocated a mentor to ensure professional growth. The IHSP-SA will offer career advices for these students and graduates.

Recognition of excellence

Members will be recognized through awards and prizes for recognizing their contribution and excellence in the sector.

Access to International Professional Exchange Programmes

Members will access these programmes, as the IHSP-SA is fostering close partnerships with internationally recognized professional association / bodies like Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH), National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO) and US-Africa Collaborative for international professional exchange programmes like conferences, webinars, etc.

Join database of experts

Members are encouraged to join or submit their information based on their expertise to the IHSP-SA to join database of experts who will deliver CPD programmes, contribute to research work and other professional programmes that will contribute to capacity building and the professionalisation of the human settlements sector.

  • A paid-up institutional member may register up to five (5) of its employees for the Annual Conferences, Seminar, or Workshops at the rate applicable to an individual member or fair discount price; selective events may be attended at no charge.
  • Access to CPD programmes for employees like access to Masterclasses at a discounted rate.
  • Institutional members will be acknowledged on the IHSP-SA website and the affiliates page.
  • Institutional members are entitled to discount advertising and or advertorial coverage in IHSP-SA newsletter and newsfeed;
  • IHSP-SA provides online communication through its mailing list and its website;
  • The member institution is entitled to send one representative to the AGM and that individual may vote on behalf of the institutional member;
  • Institutional members are entitled to receive one copy per quarter of the newsletters or journals or magazines.
  • Institutional members will be allowed to bid to host selected functions such as the Bi-Annual Student Conference, Annual National Conferences and Annual Board Meetings.
  • Work readiness programme for students in various universities at a discounted amount.
  • They will be eligible to be awarded for recognition of their excellence in the sector.
  • Enhancing reputation with existing customers and demonstrating of commitment to professionalism.
  • Raising organisational profile and promoting sector best practices.