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Membership Policy and Regulations

Membership Policy and Regulations


Applicant: Means an individual or entity or association applying for membership.

Board: Means Board of Directors of the IHSP-SA.

CEO: Means Chief Executive Officer of the IHSP-SA.

Code of Ethics: Means Membership Code of Ethics, which is amended from time to time.

IHSP-SA: Means Institute of Human Settlement Practitioners – South Africa.

Misconduct: Means any act or omission, either intentional or not intentional, which is contrary with one or more provisions of the Code of Ethics.


This policy and its regulations will govern the membership of the Members of the IHSP-SA.


This policy and its regulations apply to all the categories of Members and shall be binding to all Members of the IHSP-SA.

  • The IHSP-SA, as delegated by its Board, may confer membership of a certain category on a qualifying person or entity in terms of the criteria for that category (which are set out below).
  • An applicant’s membership only becomes active or effective subject to the following conditions:
  • submission of the prescribed membership application form;
  • payment of the requisite membership fee, where applicable; and
  • review and acceptance of the
  • The membership is only valid for a determined period and must be annually
  • Obligations for renewal will include payment of the requisite membership fee and confirmation of ascribing to the Code of Ethics.
  • Individual membership of the IHSP-SA must be held in a personal
  • Institutional members must have at least one individual natural representative and/or shall be represented by the individual members who make up the corporate membership.
  • IHSP-SA membership is non-transferable, irrespective of the type or category of membership
  • The Board, in its sole discretion, determines membership categories from time to time with set eligibility criteria.
  • Applicants may apply for any of the membership categories if they meet the approved eligibility criteria.
  • Although an applicant may qualify for more than one category of membership, a Member may only hold one category of membership at any one time, in which case the Member’s latest approved category of membership shall apply.
  • The IHSP-SA has the following Membership categories together with the associated eligibility criteria, which criteria should be read together with that covered under Clause 5.6:
  • Each applicant must apply, in the prescribed format, to the IHSP-SA for consideration wherein they shall fully and truthfully disclose all relevant information as stated and requested.
  • Applicants must provide all the relevant information that is related to their personal and professional matters and will be required to complete a set of questions that will be considered during the evaluation process of their The IHSP-SA shall having due regard to its internal policies and procedures perform its risk analysis of each application received. The IHSP-SA reserves the right to request any additional information and/or documentation to validate its assessment of the information provided or obtained from the applicant.
  • Applicants must pay the prescribed application fee as well as the membership subscription fee where applicable. If the application is declined, the subscription fee will be refunded.
  • The IHSP-SA shall have regard to each applicant’s right not to be discriminated against unfairly, as provided in Section 9 of the Constitution of the Republic.
  • The decision to accept or reject a membership application is at the discretion of the management of the IHSP-SA, subject to applying the eligibility criteria in terms of Clause 4.
  • The IHSP-SA may reject a person’s application for membership if, in its sole discretion, such applicant does not meet the set eligibility criteria and/or if an applicant is found to meet any of the following evaluation considerations, but not limited to, whether:
    • a court has prohibited the applicant from being a director or declared the applicant to be delinquent in terms of Section 162 of the Companies Act.
    • the applicant is an unrehabilitated insolvent;
    • the applicant is prohibited in terms of any public regulation to be a director of a company;
    • the applicant has been removed from an office of trust, on the grounds of misconduct
    • involving dishonesty;
    • the applicant has been convicted in the Republic or elsewhere for theft, fraud, forgery or an offence involving fraud, misrepresentation or dishonesty;
  • the applicant has, or is engaged in conduct that is perceived to be obstructive or harmful to the interests and/or objects of the IoDSA or which contravenes the Code;
  • the applicant’s past or present actions, conduct or omission has brought or may bring the IHSP-SA into disrepute; or
  • there are any other evaluation circumstances or criteria bearing on the applicant or his/her application, which is deemed reasonable and appropriate for consideration.
  • In the event of an application being approved:
  • The member shall be notified of the acceptance of his/her membership application;
  • The IHSP-SA shall issue the member with a unique membership number, and an electronic certificate of membership which shall only be valid for the subscribed period of membership; and
  • The member shall be formally entered into the member’s
  • A member is required to inform the IHSP-SA as soon as reasonably possible of any changes to his/her qualifications, professional circumstances and/or should any of the circumstances set out in Clause 5.6 occur which may affect his/her eligibility as a member.
  • No person shall be recognised as a member of the IHSP-SA and be entitled and subject to the rights and responsibilities of the membership until such person’s name has been entered into the member register.
  • Upon acceptance of a member of the IHSP-SA, every applicant shall be deemed to have read, understood and agreed to all rights, duties, responsibilities and other provisions of his/her membership as provided for in this policy and regulations and Code of This will include acceptance of the member’s disciplinary code and procedure.
  • In the event of an intended application rejection, reasons shall be given to the applicant and the applicant shall have an opportunity to make representations (if any) before the final decision is made.
  • If an application is then rejected (after reviewing an applicant’s representations if any), the applicant shall have an opportunity to appeal the outcome.
  • Should the applicant appeal the outcome, the appeal must be made to the IHSP-SA CEO/Company Secretary/Manager responsible within 10 (ten) working days from the communication of the outcome of the application.
  • Where the applicant is dissatisfied with the outcome of the first appeal, the applicant may submit an elevated appeal within 20 (twenty) working days, which will be adjudicated by the IHSP-SA Member and Disciplinary Committee, at its next scheduled meeting.
  • It is a responsibility of a Member, regardless of their membership category, on an annual basis, to renew their membership by making payment of the requisite membership fee and confirmation of ascribing to the Code of Ethics and the Policy regulations as well as confirming their are no changes to any eligibility criteria.
  • Upon membership renewal of membership, a member will receive an updated electronic certificate of membership for the renewal period.
  • The membership of a Member who fails to renew timeously their membership shall be terminated on the first day following the last day for completion of the annual renewal All membership benefits associated with the membership category of the Member shall no longer be available to the Member. Reinstatement of membership may be considered, subject to the provisions of Clause 8 below.
  • IHSP-SA membership is terminated if the Member:
  • dies;
  • fails to make payment on time of any amount due to the IHSP-SA;
  • in the discretion of the IHSP-SA, fails to discharge any of his or her obligations to the IHSP-SA on the due date, whether such obligation is related to membership or not;
  • gives notice to the IHSP-SA in writing of his or her resignation as a Member;
  • is prohibited by the court from being a director or declared to be delinquent in terms of Section 162 of the Companies Act,
  • is an unrehabilitated insolvent;
  • is prohibited in terms of any public regulation to be a director of a company;
  • is removed from an office of trust, on the grounds of misconduct involving dishonesty; or
  • is convicted in the Republic or elsewhere and imprisoned without the option of a fine, or fined more than the prescribed amount for theft, fraud, forgery or an offence involving fraud, misrepresentation or dishonesty or in connection with the promotion, formation or management of a company or connection with any action contemplated in Companies Act, the Insolvency Act, the Close Corporations Act, the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, the Financial Markets Act or the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act.
  • In addition to the causes for termination of membership in terms of clause 1, the IHSP-SA has the power to terminate or suspend a Member’s membership if, subject to following due process, in Its sole discretion it finds:
    • the Member is guilty of conduct that is obstructive or harmful to the interests and/or objectives of the IHSP-SA;
    • the Member is guilty of conduct which otherwise contravenes the Code of Ethics;
    • the Member brings the IHSP-SA into disrepute; or
    • it is obstructive or harmful to the interests and/or objectives of the IHSP-SA that the Member should continue as a Member of the IHSP-SA.
  • The IHSP-SA shall, when terminating a Member’s membership in terms of clause 2, follow the due and fair process as determined by the Board or relevant committee from time to time.
  • A Member whose membership has been terminated remains liable for all amounts that are, at the date of termination of membership, due by the Member to the IHSP-SA, where
  • A former member who has cancelled his/her membership or has had his/her membership terminated as contemplated in Clause 1.2 and 7.1.4, may apply for reinstatement of his/her membership at any time in accordance with Clause 8.4.
  • A former member whose membership was terminated as contemplated in Clauses 1.3 and7.1.6 may apply for reinstatement of his/her membership if and when the grounds for termination have been remedied, in accordance with Clause 8.4.
  • In exceptional cases, the IHSP-SA may consider an application for reinstatement of membership following termination of membership due to any sanction(s) imposed following a disciplinary process. Should the IHSP-SA authorise such an application for reinstatement, such application must be done in accordance with Clause 8.4.
  • The following additional provisions shall apply to any application for reinstatement, at the sole discretion of the IHSP-SA:
    • The applicant must apply for membership anew and comply with all relevant application requirements as at that time; and
    • The applicant shall, in addition to the normal prescribed fee, shall also be obliged to pay an additional reinstatement fee, if applicable.
    • An application for reinstatement is not absolute and each application shall be considered on its individual merits, including the reason for initial cancellation or termination of membership.
  • Membership
  • Access to a Community of Best
  • Developing the knowledge and science of Humans Settlements Best
  • Advocating and promoting higher standards of ethics, service and client care
  • Internationally accredited Programmes and
  • Access to cutting-edge information (Webinars, policy briefs, working papers and case studies in human settlements).
  • Access to Platforms for Peer engagements locally, nationally and
  • Access to Practitioner and Student-centric programmes which foster pathways to full
  • Access to International Professional Exchange
  • Access to Student Development Programmes (Work Readiness and Experiential Learning Programmes).
  • Access to Graduate Development Programme along with placement
  • Access to Mentorship
  • Access to Internationally accredited Programmes and
  • The disciplinary process of the IHSP-SA, as contained in the IHSP-SA Disciplinary Regulations, is intended to address and resolve instances of Misconduct on the part of a Member in a fair, objective, rational and transparent manner to demonstrate the due process, protect the public interest, maintain public confidence in the IHSP-SA and its Members, and to uphold the highest standards of conduct of IHSP-SA Members in furtherance of the integrity and status of directorship as a profession. The IHSP-SA Disciplinary Regulations shall be binding on all Members of the IHSP-SA.
  • The termination, or voluntary cancellation of a Member’s membership shall in no way derogate from or affect the IHSP-SA jurisdiction to adjudicate, in the manner set out in the IHSP-SA Disciplinary Regulations, a complaint(s) of Misconduct against a former Member which arose before the date of the Member’s membership is terminated or voluntarily cancelled; and which allegedly occurred while the Member was (still) a member of the IHSP-SA; and/or which complaint(s) have not yet been adjudicated or resolved.
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