Speaker Profile: Dr Julieka Bayat

Dr Julieka Bayat

Professional Town Planner

Dr Julieka Bayat holds a D Litt & D Phil from the University of South Africa. She is a Professional Town Planner and has worked in the academic environment as a lecturer and editor of academic material.

Dr Bayat also has extensive public-sector experience in South Africa and during her tenure in Government, she was responsible for drafting several of South Africa’s National Housing and Human Settlement Policies and Implementation Guidelines.

She has also project-managed the National Strategic Inter-Governmental Presidential and Ministerial mega-housing projects that delivered Government-subsidized housing throughout the country. Since 1994, Dr Bayat has been a member of and chaired various Boards including the National Home Builders Registration Council.

She was a member of the National Housing Forum which was responsible for dismantling the apartheid regime’s disaggregated housing policies in the various ‘so-called’ self-governing states and replacing those policies with a single housing policy for the country. Having retired from active service in the public sector, Dr Bayat now provides consultancy services.